UPS My Choice expands to 12 European countries

UPS has announced the expansion of UPS My Choice and the UPS Access Point network to 15 additional countries, including 12 in Europe. With these two services, online shoppers and global retailers have new personalized solutions to manage residential package deliveries.

With UPS My Choice, consumers can plan for their deliveries when and where it is convenient for them. It was introduced in the US in 2011 and now consumers in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom will be able to sign up for the free online and mobile service.

Get notifications and reschedule delivery
According to UPS’s chief commercial officer Alan Gershenhorn, there’s a new consumer enrollment every six seconds. When a consumer has registered for the service, he will receive advance delivery notifications informing him of the delivery timing of each UPS package. He also has the ability to reroute eligible packages to another address or reschedule deliveries. And there’s a vacation setting so packages are being held and delivered when the consumers returns home.

UPS Access Points
Consumers do not only dislike missing a package, they also don’t want to rearrange their lives to retrieve it. Just like other parcel companies, UPS offers pick-up locations. These UPS Access Point locations are primarily neighborhood convenience and grocery stores with evening and weekend hours. The UPS Access Point network is more than 12,000 locations already available in seven European countries, and now Italy and Poland are added to the network. UPS wants to further expand the network in Europe and the US next year, so there will be about 20,000 locations in these key markets.

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