Volume of European e-invoices grows by 19% to 840 million

The European e-invoicing market shows some solid growth. Last year, there were 840 million electronic invoices getting processed and delivered to invoice receivers by members of the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association. This represents a growth of 19% over 2012 volumes of 706 million.

This is the result of the first annual survey EESPA held among its members. The majority (603 million) of invoices processed were business-to-business or business-to-government invoices, while the EESPA members also have a significant involvement in the delivery of business-to-consumer invoices: 237.7 million invoices of this type were being processed last year.

Numbers of e-invoices in Europe

Members were asked to report the number of all e-invoices delivered by them to buyers connected to their network and also the number of e-invoices delivered to buyers connected to a service provider outside the EESPA community. “The figures represent an indication of the total footprint represented by the EESPA community in relation to the growing volumes of e-invoices now being processed at the expense of traditional paper documents”, the association says. “The EESPA service providers are making a very significant contribution to the adoption of electronic invoicing across both Europe and more widely.”

The EESPA is an international not-for-profit association and was founded in 2011. The organization has over 50 full and associate members and acts as a trade association at European level.