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Whisbi lets you show products online through real-time video

Whisbi lets you show products online through real-time video

Whisbi has found a way to bridge the worlds of ecommerce and retail shopping cultures. By using Google Glass the Spanish company is hoping to open a new chapter in the omnichannel retail revolution. By combining phone and online communications with a presence on the retail floor, customers can see products without leaving the house.

Their latest innovation is called Whisbi For Retail & E-commerce and enables retailers to virtually ‘send’ their online leads to any physical place at any moment and thus close more deals in real time. “Right as your customer and your sales representative are talking on the phone.”

See what products look like in real life

The solution works as follows: a customer is looking online for a certain product, let’s say a smartphone. On the retailer’s website he sees the option to get a call from the store for free. Thanks to the live video streaming option, the customer then ‘arrives’ at the physical store where he can see everything the sales assistant (equipped with Google Glass) can see. While talking on the phone, the sales person shows what the different products look and feel like in real life.

The customer can be everywhere

“Your sales person may even assist him with the checkout process, filling out the online order form while sharing the screen through co-browsing, exchanging information that is difficult to spell out via chat”, Whisbi says. The whole interaction, from click to phone call to sales, can be tracked using the company’s analytics and reporting tool. For the customer it’s not important where he is at the moment: it could be on the streets, it could be on their couch in pyjamas or just in front of the computer. All they need is a phone connection and a device with internet. So in most of the cases a smartphone suffices.

Clients like Vodafone and Movistar have already turned their flagship stores into omnichannel shopping destinations using Whisbi’s solution. If you want to check it out for yourself, they have a live demo that can be booked for free.