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Wildberries comes to Europe

Wildberries comes to Europe

Wildberries, the biggest online retailer in Russia, comes to Europe. The ecommerce company is building a new logistics center in Slovakia that could take about 1.5 years, but already this year, Wildberries wants to begin online sales in Europe.


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This may, new data from research agency Data Insight showed that Wildberries is the biggest online retailer in Russia, just like in 2016 and 2017. Now, this popular fashion retailer is ready to conquer the European market.

From Poland to Slovakia

For this expansion, Wildberries is building a logistics center of about 300,000 square meters in Slovakia. Initially, the expansion and the logistics center was meant to happen in Poland. But after an offer from the Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Wildberries decided to build its logistics center in Slovakia and to expand to other European countries as well.

1.6 billion euros last year

Wildberries was founded in 2004 by Tatjana Bakaltschuk and currently welcomes around 2 million visitors per day. Last year, the ecommerce company generated sales of 1.6 billion euros and every day, an average of about 400,000 orders are placed.

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