A third of iDeal payments happens in foreign online stores

A third of iDeal payments happens in foreign online stores

The popular Dutch payment method iDeal performed well last year. The number of payments with iDeal has increased by 33.8 percent during that period, which is a growth the method hasn’t seen since 2011. More and more foreign online stores are now offering iDeal to Dutch customers.

Earlier this year, the company behind the online payment method revealed that Dutch bank customers made over 378 million payments with iDeal for more than 33 billion euros.

1 in 3 iDeal payments happens abroad

But what’s new, is the fact that it’s especially foreign online stores where iDeal’s popularity is increasing. Currently, Dutch customers can pay with iDeal in over 7,000 stores in sixty foreign countries. And new statistics from Currence, the product and brand owner of iDeal, show that one out of every three iDeal payments online is concluded in a foreign online store.

“The strong growth in 2017 is partly due to new applications for iDeal, such as mutual payments by consumers, with mobile apps and so-called payment requests, and through the use of the iDeal QR code”, Currence explains.

iDeal’s technology used for identification service

The technology behind iDeal is also being used by Currence for its online identification and login service iDin. “With iDin, the consumer keeps full control over the identity or login data offered to merchants, through his own bank. Merchants can fully rely on the identity or age of a Dutch customer because the customer’s bank has already carefully checked and recorded the identity of that customer when the bank opened his or her payment account.”

Growth of iDeal payments.


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