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Ccinsight shows Covid-19’s impact on ecommerce

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A new project, called Covid-19 Commerce Insight, shows the impact coronavirus Covid-19 has on ecommerce in Europe and the rest of the world. Every day, the tool shows new data at a global and regional level in multiple sectors. Continue reading

Shö increasingly popular due to Covid-19


Shö, the online shopping platform launched by Austrian Post, sees the number of visitors being quadrupled since the coronavirus measures in Austria were put in action. Both customers and retailers are showing growing interest in the online marketplace. Continue reading

Regional marketplace Lozuka is booming


Online marketplaces are becoming more popular. This is also the case for regional platforms that bring local retailers and specialty stores together. One such example is Lozuka, which started in the German city Siegen, but is now, as a reaction to Covid-19, available to more regions. Continue reading

Mirakl launches

Mirakl, a French provider of marketplace solutions, has launched The online platform, launched in partnership with the French government, aims to solve the shortage of essential products and materials in hospitals. Continue reading

#supportyourlocal launched to help German businesses


A new online platform, called #supportyourlocal, has been launched to support local business owners. The non-profit project urges consumers to buy vouchers, so that business owners who need to close their doors, can still generate some turnover. Continue reading

ICA stores stop ecommerce after hoarding


Several ICA stores in Sweden have been forced to stop its ecommerce activities, after consumers have been hoarding like crazy. Mainly in the Stockholm area, some ICA stores have completely or partially stopped the opportunity to pick up orders in stores. Continue reading

Southern Europe discovers online groceries

Online groceries

With the Covid-19 lockdown in action in Southern Europe, consumers in Italy, Spain and France are quickly discovering online shopping. More and more retailers are going online to sell their stuff, while an increasing number of consumers are ordering their groceries and products online. Continue reading

Austrian startup Refurbed raises €15.6 million


Refurbed, an Austrian startup that sells repaired electrical appliances, has raised 15.6 million euros. It’s one of the highest investments in the Austrian start-up industry. Continue reading

Amazon closes Fulfillment by Amazon for most

Amazon has suspended most inbound shipments for its Fulfillment by Amazon service in Europe. The ecommerce giant wants to prioritize items such as medical supplies, as there is now a bigger need for these kinds of products due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Continue reading

Ecommerce Belgium: €11.46 billion in 2019

Ecommerce in Belgium

Belgian ecommerce broke all national records in 2019. Last year, Belgian online shoppers spent 11.46 billion euros, which is 900 million euros more than during the year before. Belgians shopped, on average, 13.4 times online, which led to a total of 112.9 million online purchases. Continue reading