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Ecommerce in France

Information about ecommerce in FranceFrance is a prominent country in Europe as well as in the world. It’s part of Western Europe, and it is perfectly located, as it is adjacent to major countries like Germany, Italy, Spain and – although separated by a channel – the United Kingdom. There are some French-administered territories and departments outside of the European continent. These include islands like Guadeloupe, Martinique and the South American overseas region and department French Guiana.

Population 65.1 million people
– % internet users 68%
Online sales €115.2 billion (expected for 2020)
Online stores worth mentioning: 3 Suisses, Cdiscount,


Ecommerce events in France

Every year there are several ecommerce events being organized in France. We have a handy ecommerce events calendar, where you can find all the major online retail events in Europe. But you can also check out only the ecommerce events in France.

Ecommerce customers in France

When ordering goods online, online consumers in France like to pay with their bank card, analysis from RetailX in 2020 shows. The bank card is, by far, the most popular payment in France, with 80 percent. It’s followed by online banking (11 percent), consumer credit (4 percent), bank transfer (1 percent) and other methods (a total of 4 percent).

Payment methods in France
Popular payment methods in France. (Source: RetailX, 2020)

The same report from RetailX in 2020 showed that 77 percent of shoppers in France bought online the year before. That percentage was expected to grow with 2 percentage points in 2020, but the study also showed that online shoppers in France were spending more. In 2015, the average consumer spent 1,516 euros online, while it was already 2,266 euros in 2019.

Fashion is the product category with the highest share of people buying these items online. In 2019, it seemed that 58 percent of internet users bought fashion online. Cultural goods (50 percent) and travel/tourism (40 percent) were other categories with a high popularity online. Categories such as home services (7 percent) and glasses and contact lenses (also 7 percent) are significantly less popular online

The ecommerce market in France

France is one of the biggest ecommerce countries in the world. It’s ranked as the sixth biggest ecommerce market worldwide and in Europe only Germany and the United Kingdom are bigger. The Western European country has an online retail market that’s expected to reach over 115 billion euros by the end of 2020. According to data from the Centre for Retail Search online sales in France account for 6% of total retail sales. And ecommerce accounted for 4.27 percent of the country’s GDP in 2019.

Ecommerce in France (2013-2020)
Ecommerce in France (2013-2020)

Big online stores in France

Expectations are that there are more than 120,000 active ecommerce sites in France. The most visited online store in this country is Amazon, with more than 15 million unique visitors per month. Other big online players are Cdiscount, eBay, Fnac and Priceminister. Whereas fashion is a popular product category, retailers La Redoute and 3 Suisses are amongst the biggest fashion players in French ecommerce.

These are the top 10 of biggest online retailers in France in 2018: Amazon (€2.19 billion), Cdiscount (€2.08 billion), Vente-Privee (€1.89 billion), Auchan (€1.32 billion), Apple (€820 million), Fnac (€675 million), Showroomprivé (€588 million), La Redoute (€533 million), Carrefour (€494 million) and Zalando (€472 million).

Latest news about France

Carrefour launches food marketplace in France

Carrefour has launched an online grocery marketplace in France. The platform will feature up to 100,000 products from more than a hundred different retailers by the end of this year. These items complement Carrefour’s daily product range.

French online shoppers expect free delivery

Most online shoppers in France expect their orders to be shipped for free, depending on the threshold. And one in three online shoppers even expect free shipping for all orders, regardless of the order value.

Ecommerce in France will reach 115.2 billion euros in 2020

The turnover of business-to-consumer ecommerce in France is expected to be worth 115.2 billion euros at the end of this year. This would mean an increase of 11.4 percent compared to the situation last year, when ecommerce in France was worth 103.4 billion euros.

UK leads Europe in embracing online grocery shopping

More and more consumers in Europe are buying fresh food products online. Although many shoppers still tend to buy a lower volume online than they do-instore. The only exception seems to be the United Kingdom, where 42 percent buys more online than in-store and 32% percent buy less online.

Court: ‘Amazon France should only sell essential items’

Amazon must restrict its orders in France in the coming weeks, due to measures associated with Covid-19. That’s what a court decided earlier this week. Amazon can only accept orders of groceries, hygiene and health-related products.

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Last update: May 2020