Amazon almost ready to launch Amazon Poland

Amazon almost ready to launch Amazon Poland

Amazon is planning to launch Amazon Poland at The dedicated ecommerce website isn’t live yet, but selling partners in Poland and abroad can now register their businesses for Amazon Poland. Soon, will go live.

UPDATE: Amazon launched Amazon Poland on March 2.

The American ecommerce giant announced that it has started the work to launch It hasn’t revealed when the ecommerce website will launch exactly, but fact is that external vendors can already register their accounts on, so they can prepare for the launch.

Next step: full retail offering in Poland

“Amazon has been supporting Polish customers and selling partners across our different European stores for many years, but the next step is to bring a full consumer retail offering to Poland and we are making those plans now”, said Alex Ootes, Vice President EU Expansion at Amazon.

We will earn the trust of customers in Poland.

Ootes continues by saying that they are excited to empower small businesses in Poland and that they are investing in tools and services to help them grow. “We’re optimistic that by focusing on the things we believe customers value the most – low prices, vast selection, and fast delivery – over time, we will earn the trust of customers in Poland.”

Fierce competition from local powerhouse Allegro

It won’t be an easy homerun for the company that has been operating in Poland since 2014. The Eastern European country is home to a very big and popular ecommerce player: Allegro. This company is sometimes dubbed as the ‘Amazon of Poland’. The marketplace, founded in 1999, has over 12.3 million active buyers and is used by around 117,000 merchants.

In October 2020, when Allegro’s CEO Francois Nuyts said his company is ready to expand internationally, he also seemed not afraid of Amazon’s arrival in Poland. “There are many things we believe we do quite well, if not better, than any competitors”, he said.

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