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‘Amazon Go comes to the UK’

Amazon Go, the checkout-free stores from Amazon, will roll out in the United Kingdom. The ecommerce giant hasn’t officially announced this, but there are several reports Amazon is looking for locations across the country to roll out the innovative grocery stores.


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According to The Sunday Times, Amazon wants to acquire a “significant number” of small retail sites (between 371 and 464 square meters), so it can decorate them as Amazon Go stores. These stores enable customers to check in on their Amazon app when they enter the store, let them pick the items they want and when they leave the site again, their Amazon account will be charged automatically.

Amazon is already in the UK with physical stores

Amazon Go started in the US and is now supposedly rolling out to the United Kingdom. It wouldn’t be the first time Amazon has physical stores in this European country. The US giant already has seven grocery stores in the UK, through its acquisition of Whole Foods Market last year.

‘3,000 Amazon Go stores by 2021’

Last month, reports came in that Amazon is considering opening 3,000 Amazon Go stores in the US by 2021. This would not only mark a significant expansion of Amazon’s brick-and-mortar footprint, it could also pose a real serious challenge to convenience chains and large format grocers.