Coolblue is best online store in the Netherlands

Coolblue is best online store in the Netherlands

Coolblue, the omnichannel retailer with 323 specialized web stores and 7 physical stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, has won a prestigious award for being the best online store in the Netherlands. This was revealed during the Nationale Thuiswinkel Awards, where winners were chosen in 15 different categories.

There were two kinds of awards being reached out during the Nationale Thuiswinkel Awards ceremony last Thursday: the public awards, based on 5,000 ratings from a consumer panel and 48,000 ratings from a consumer survey among customers, and the jury awards, based on votes from a panel consisting of ecommerce experts and editors from media partners.

The public awards consisted of 7 main categories and 15 sub categories. To be the winner in a main category, the online store needs to have the highest score of all sub categories within the main category. The winners of the public awards are:

Main category: Travel & Leisure:
Sub category: Sport & Leisure:
Sub category: Vacations & Travel tickets:

Main category: Fashion:
Sub category: Baby & Child:
Sub category: Women & Men:
Sub category: Lingerie:
Sub category: Shoes:

Main category: Groceries & Personal care:
Sub category: Groceries & Supermarkets:
Sub category: Personal care & Drugstores:

Main category: Financial & Personal services:
Sub category: Dating sites:
Sub category: Financial services:

Main category: Home, Hobbies & Gifts:
Sub category: Animals:
Sub category: Hobbies & Gifts:
Sub category: Home & Garden:

Main category: Electronics & Telecommunication:
Sub category: Computer Hardware & Software:
Sub category: Consumer electronics & Telecommunication:

Main category: Warehouses: best cross-border ecommerce company
Aside from the many public awards, there were also four jury awards., one of the biggest ecommerce players in the Netherlands, went home with the award for best mobile store. won the prize for best starting online store, while was awarded with the prize for best cross-border ecommerce initiative.

Coolblue, once again the best online store in the Netherlands
Coolblue got awarded with what was essential the most important award from that evening. It got the award for Best Online Store in the Netherlands. And it’s not the first time this company went home with that prize, as it also won the Best Online Store award in 2013 and 2012. Last year and in 2011 its main competitor won this prestigious award. Back in 2010 Coolblue won the ‘Webwinkel Award’ at the same awards ceremony, but back then the structure of the awards show was different than it is now.

Since Coolblue is the best online store in the Netherlands, the organization behind the Nationale Thuiswinkel Awards will delegate Coolblue to the fourth edition of the European E-Commerce Awards, as well as nominate the company for the Entrepreneurial Award., the winner of the Cross Border Award, will be nominated for the long list of the European Pure Player Award. These awards will be presented during the Global E-commerce Summit 2015, that takes place on June 9th this year.

Coolblue, winner of Thuiswinkel Awards