DPD UK acquires CitySprint

DPD UK acquires CitySprint

DPD UK has announced the acquisition of CitySprint, the largest same-day delivery company in the United Kingdom. The acquisition takes place for an undisclosed sum and is still subject to regulatory clearance.

When the acquisition becomes official, CitySprint will be part of DPDgroup, the parcel delivery network of GeoPost (which is owned by La Poste, the second largest postal group in Europe). The buying of CitySprint follows a period of growth for the British logistics company.

More businesses want same-day deliveries

“CitySprint has seen continued demand for its services as businesses require more urgent and time critical same day deliveries”, DPD UK explains in a press release. After the acquisition, customers of DPD UK can access CitySprint’s delivery services in the United Kingdom, while CitySprint will be able to offer its customers access to the domestic next day and international expertise of DPD UK.

Same day delivery is one of the fastest growing segments of the logistics market.

“Same day delivery is one of the fastest growing segments of the logistics market and so we are delighted to announce the intention to offer this new and exciting service to our customer offering”, DPD UK’s CEO Elaine Kerr comments. “Even before the pandemic, demand for both next day and same day deliveries was soaring, and this trend has only escalated, something which we see continuing.”

According to CitySprint’s CEO Gary West, this move is testament to both the continued strong demand for same day delivery and the company’s successful growth strategy. “We look forward to working with DPDgroup to explore new opportunities for our same day expertise and services.”

88% of mainland reached within 60 minutes

CitySprint’s same-day delivery network comprises over 30 service centers across the United Kingdom. With these centers, CitySprint can reach over 88 percent of the mainland population within an hour.

DPD UK delivers over 300 million parcels a year.

DPD UK, on the other hand, operates over 10,000 vehicles from 84 different locations and delivers more than 300 million parcels a year.


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