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DreamCommerce launches white-label ecommerce solution in Germany

DreamCommerce has launched its white-label ecommerce solution in Germany and Austria. In Europe, the company is already active in the Netherlands, Turkey and Poland. With DreamCommerce’s solution, companies can enhance their offer with an ecommerce platform, adjusted to their brand, region or integrated with applications or services they already provide.


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DreamCommerce says it has customized its ecommerce platform to the legal and fiscal regulations that apply to the German and Austrian markets. “We integrated tax classes and unit prices according to the German legislation and added the PayPal Express checkout and Braintree payment methods”, the company explains.

With the white-label software of DreamCommerce, companies can let their customers build an online shop without help from developers or graphic designers. “It’s easy to use, integrated with payment and shipping methods, and it’s fully mobile responsive.” According to Dreamcommerce, its white-label solution is perfect for hosting or telecom companies that wants to enhance their offer with an ecommerce platform.

About DreamCommerce

DreamCommerce was founded in 2005 in Poland. . The company develops online ecommerce software which enables its users to easily run online stores. It claims to represent over 60 percent of the domestic market share. DreamCommerce also has its own brand, Shoper, which enables users to run an online shop. Shoper has over 8,000 customers.