The biggest online furniture retailers in Germany

Last year, German consumers spent 3.7 billion euros on furniture and houseware online. This is an increase of 9.6 percent compared to the situation in 2015. Germany is one of the largest online furniture markets in the world and is expected to grow 10 percent annually for the next five years. The largest online furniture retailers in Germany have a total turnover of over 1.4 billion euros. Continue reading

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The daily price change ratio in European ecommerce


Some online stores tend to adjust their prices, so consumers won’t go ordering something at a competitor’s website. For Ecommerce News Europe, price tracking software provider Prisync looked at how many ecommerce websites in Europe change their prices daily and how high the stock-out ratio is in these countries. Continue reading

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Mcommerce in Germany finally becomes mainstream


It looks like mcommerce in Germany is finally catching up. Although the usage of mobile devices for buying online and paying in-store in Germany is still lagging behind other big ecommerce countries, predictions look hopeful. In Germany, 29 million mobile users will buy online via a mobile device at least once this year, up nearly 15 percent from last year. Continue reading

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