Dropshipping suppliers

To start a profitable dropshipping store, you’ll have to find a good supplier first. There’s a wide range of dropshipping suppliers to choose from, which ones will have a good fit with your business? What should you pay attention to?


List of European dropshipping suppliers

There are many European suppliers to choose from, we’ve made a list of the more well-known dropshipping suppliers from Europe.

With dropshippingXL, you can sell over 90,000 vidaXL products to customers in Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, USA, and the UAE without the hassle of inventory management, shipping, and returns. Enjoy fast delivery and seamless integrations.

BigBuy has more than 150.000 products and is able to dropship all over Europe. Product categories range from home and garden, beauty and health, sports, toys, fashion, and electronics. With their Marketplace package, you can easily sell their products on marketplaces.

With the plugin of Sync2Fashion you can easily add all products of B2B GRIFFATI into your Shopify-store. Import in just a few clicks and in an easy way products in your own online store and you can immediately sell thousands of original clothing items from top brands.

Trusted Belgian wholesaler supplying retailers and wholesalers for 15+ years. Extensive product range, dropshipping across Europe. Same-day shipping worldwide. Next-day delivery to BE and NL, 2-5 days to other EU countries. No subscription fees. Reliable, fast service with full tracking.

Spocket is a platform for European and American dropshipping suppliers. There are thousands of products listed, from clothing to beauty products and more. It has a higher price range and shipping costs than AliExpress. The platform offers integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix and WooCommerce.

Printful works on a print-on-demand basis. They can print your designs on clothing, as well as bags, mugs and phone covers. In Europe, the company is situated in Latvia and Spain, which makes shipping within two to four days possible. It integrates with ecommerce software and marketplaces.

For 67 dollars a year, Salehoo gives you access to a database of more than 8,000 wholesalers, almost half of which deliver on a dropshipping basis. If you search carefully, you can also find a nice little wholesaler for Spanish dresses or Italian shoes or skirts here.

Modalyst connects dropshippers and suppliers from the U.S., Australia and Europe. Some of the wholesalers on this marketplace are also listed on AliExpress. It claims to have verified all dropshipping suppliers. It can easily be integrated with Shopify, Wix and BigCommerce.

01Supply offers a network of more than a thousand suppliers worldwide, that you can connect simultaneously. Membership is free and with Shopify all orders and tracking are automated.

EDC is a Dutch wholesaler that offers more than 14.000 erotic products. It has a dropshipping-program, for which you will need to be registered in the Dutch chamber of commerce. There are no minimum orders and it offers worldwide shipping.

Benefits of using suppliers from Europe

Find dropshipping suppliers from EuropeWith dropshipping wholesalers from Europe, many issues that often arise with Chinese manufacturers can be avoided. Shipment will take less time, which usually means happier customers. When an order is damaged, you will also be able to send your customers a replacement product quickly.

Most of the companies listed on DSers are dropshipping suppliers from China.

As a European ecommerce store, you pay higher import costs for packages coming from outside of Europe. Another benefit is that products from European suppliers are obligated to meet the European safety requirements. When importing products to Europe you are responsible for meeting those requirements. In case of faulty products, you’ll be held accountable but with a European supplier, you can hold them accountable.

How to select the best dropshipping suppliers

Best dropshipping companies from EuropeIf you want to know how to find products to sell online, the assortment of dropship suppliers will sure help you find your way. But finding dropshipping companies is one thing, how can you be sure that a wholesaler with a dropshipping service will suit the needs of your online business? What do you need from wholesale suppliers to make your dropshipping business into a success?

An easy way to find the best dropshipping suppliers is to order some sample products yourself.

One of the most important aspects is the product itself of course. What is the quality of the product? Is the product description the same as what your customer will receive when they order it? Before accepting dropshipping wholesalers, test out their products. Order a sample product yourself of the articles you expect to sell a lot.

online stores that scaleup fastAnother aspect is the supplier’s ability to scale up their  stocks and shipping when your order quantity starts taking off. A large wholesale supplier will probably be able to scale up quickly, but a smaller supplier might have more difficulties keeping up their stock.

And of course, shipping is a very important factor as well. Given that customers often complain about having to wait long for their orders, you want to make sure that your supplier can provide quick and damage-free deliveries. Check out which senders your wholesaler is using (such as UPS, DHL, etc.) and try to look for reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about dropshipping suppliers:

Why should I select European dropshipping suppliers?

As a European dropshipper, working with European suppliers means that your customers will receive their orders quicker than when you’d be working with suppliers from China. European dropshipping suppliers also have to meet European safety requirements for every products they sell. This reduces the risk of faulty products, which also reduces the risk of complaints of your customers.

What is the difference between drop-shipping and wholesale?

If a supplier offers drop-shipping it means he offers shipping directly to your customer. A wholesaler usually offers shipping in bulk. In that case you first have to keep stock in your own warehouse. With dropshipping there is no need to keep your own stock.

What questions should I ask a dropshipping supplier?

The location is is one thing to keep in mind when you’re selecting wholesale suppliers for your dropshipping store. There are other factors to keep in mind, and you should ask any supplier the following questions: how much inventory do they have, and how quickly can they scale up if needed? How will they let you know if a product is almost out of stock?

What are their shipping times? Are they able to dropship internationally? With which senders do they work? You will also want to figure out how quickly a dropshipping company responds to your questions and whether their response gives you sufficient information. If they can’t give you specific information about their business, how will they be able to help you when problems with customers arise?