Salesupply launches hybrid AI bot

Salesupply launches hybrid AI bot

Ecommerce fulfillment and customer service provider Salesupply is launching a hybrid AI chatbot. It is meant to reduce customer service costs for online sellers, while also improving customer experience. Soon, the company wants to implement the technology in mail and telephone customer service inquiries as well.

Salesupply is a fulfillment company that started out in the Netherlands. Now, it operates on a global scale, with over 25 fulfillment centers in Europe, Northern America and Asia. A month ago, it entered Scandinavia, with fulfillment centers in Sweden and Denmark.

Helping in pre- and after-sale phase

Now, the company has launched its own AI bot. Customers of online stores using this bot, can now engage in a chat with it. The bot can help them in the pre-sale phase, with product suggestions including links to the product pages. This helps them navigate the website. The bot can also be used for inquiries after a sale has been made.

For now, the bot can only be used in the chat. “We still see a preference for email and phone when it comes to customer support but other channels are on the rise – especially among the younger generations. The chatbot is a very good example of this”, said Ruud den Rooijen, Head of Marketing & Communications at Salesupply.

‘Customers can switch to a customer service agent at any time.’

“For the less complex – faster questions (where is my order, availability, return process, etc.) the chatbot is a popular channel. Our chatbot is hybrid so the user who needs to get used to it can switch to an actual agent at any time.”

Time savings of 30%

According to Salesupply, online sellers can save costs and time that they spend on customer service when they implement the bot. “Where is my order questions take up an average of 40 to 60 percent of all questions a customer service department receives. A chatbot can answer these questions just as well and faster, just like questions about returns. Time savings for online sellers can be huge, they can amount to at least 30 percent if the chatbot is properly trained with sufficient data.”

‘The company also wants to launch a voicebot and AI mail assistant in the future.’

The fulfillment provider is already planning to launch an AI mail assistant. This will help customer service agents by summarizing incoming mails and indicating whether a reaction is needed, among other things. The company has also stated that it wants to make AI play a role in telephony in customer service. Currently, preparations are being made for a voicebot.



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