Dutch scaleup Dwarfs enters Amazon seller acquisition market

Dutch scaleup Dwarfs enters Amazon seller acquisition market

Dwarfs is a new scaleup from the Netherlands that wants to acquire and scale successful ecommerce companies that sell on marketplaces such as Amazon and Bol.com. Dwarfs has between 30 and 40 million euros to spend and wants to make twenty acquisitions just this year.

Dwarfs will be entering a market that looks very crowded. Just look at this list of Amazon seller acquisition companies that are founded in Europe. But Dwarfs is said to be the first of its kind in the Netherlands.

7.5 million euros raised, with more money to come

During a Series A funding round, the ecommerce scaleup raised 7.5 million euros and several tens of million euros will soon be added to the war chest. With this capital, Dwarfs wants to acquire ecommerce companies that are successful on online marketplaces. It focuses mainly on sellers that are growing rapidly through the partner platform of Dutch ecommerce giant Bol.com and may already be doing this in other countries via Amazon.

Acquisitions in several European countries

In the coming years, it wants to acquire dozens of companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France. Within two years, Dwarfs foresees a second financing round, for which there is already interest from the US.

Dutch venture capitalists get cold feet or do not yet see the potential.

“In Europe, the market of acquisition companies in these sectors is still in its infancy, because most investors are looking at significantly larger ‘investment tickets'”, said CEO Demian Beenakker. “Dutch venture capitalists are still afraid of getting cold feet or do not yet see its potential. We are one of the first to tap into this market.”

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