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EKM launches free online shop solution Obodo

EKM launches free online shop solution Obodo

EKM, a large hosted ecommerce provider from the UK, has introduced a new product for helping small business reach their local customers. The solution is called Obodo and offers a free online shop for local brick and mortar businesses.


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These are hard times for physical retailers, as the coronavirus Covid-19 has led to the closing of many retail outlets across the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. While online sales rise, companies that don’t have an online sales channel are struggling to keep their head above water.

EKM introduces Obodo

UK-based ecommerce company EKM wants to help these business by introducing free ecommerce software, called Obodo.  “While we have seen a lot of online small businesses thrive in the Covid-19 era, unfortunately we have also seen many brick and mortar local businesses shut their doors with no way to reach their customers. We decided to use the resources we have and do something to help those struggling businesses”, founder Antony Chesworth says.

Many brick and mortar local businesses shut their doors with no way to reach their customers.

Built on existing infrastructure

Obodo is built on the existing infrastructure of EKM, the ecommerce platform that was founded in 2002 and has helped over 80,000 business build an online store. Obodo is primarily aimed at local businesses that mostly serve customers within 25 kilometers of their store.

Obodo provides a simplified version of the EKM platform. Users can upload products, take payments and provide delivery and click & collect services for customers in their local area.