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ePages partners with accounting software Sage

ePages partners with accounting software Sage

Software solutions provider ePages has announced a global partnership with cloud accounting software Sage. Now, online shop owners in the United Kingdom can use ePages and Sage One Software combined for their retail business. Further roll outs across Europe and in the US are planned for the coming months.

The cloud-based accounting and payroll software of Sage will now be offered to the thousands of UK merchants who use the ecommerce software of ePages. The online retailers can synchronize their online orders with their Sage One account, after which every order from the online shop will be updated in the accounting software.

Automated accounting for online sales

“It is great news that our merchants can now benefit from powerful, fully automated accounting for their online sales with such ease”, ePages’ CEO Wilfried Beeck commented. “The combination of ecommerce and accounting resources working in unison means businesses can improve their accuracy, reliability and speed. This is a clear example of how the right cloud technologies will deliver a competitive edge.”

ABout ePages and Sage

Hamburg-based ePages says it’s the largest provider of online shop software in Europe based on license revenue. According to ePages, there are over 140,000 companies in 75 different countries who run an online shop based on its software. Sage is a UK company offering different kinds of enterprise software. It’s the worlds third-largest supplier of ERP software and has 6.1 million customers all over the world.


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