Essilor acquires online glasses retailer MyOptique

Essilor acquires online glasses retailer MyOptique

Essilor International, a leading optics company from France, has acquired UK-based online glasses retailer MyOptique. This ecommerce player operates websites across Europe, such as Glasses Direct and SunGlasses Shop in the UK, Lensbest in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands and Lenson in Sweden.

Essilor announced the news today, not sharing any acquisition numbers. But sources told TechCrunch the price is close to 140 million euros. With the acquisition of MyOptique, Essilor will be able to broaden its online footprint to Central Europe and to enhance its capabilities in successful multi-category, multi-brand models.

‘MyOptique achieved pan European scale’

“The strong success of MyOptique in the European marketplace owes so much to its entrepreneurial founders, its investors and its management team led”, Maurice Helfgott, chairman of MyOptique, says. “The business has achieved pan European scale, is growing fast and had a number of strategic options for its next stage. Joining Essilor was by far the most compelling one.”

About MyOptique

MyOptique was launched originally in the United Kingdom in 2005 as Glasses Direct and now employs over 250 people. The company’s management will remain in place after the acquisition and the business will also continue to operate under its existing brands Glasses Direct, Lenson, Sunglasses Shop, Eyewearbrands, Netzoptiker and LensBest. In 2015, MyOptique acquired 4care and Eyewearbrands and Netzoptiker.

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