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Ccinsight shows Covid-19’s impact on ecommerce

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A new project, called Covid-19 Commerce Insight, shows the impact coronavirus Covid-19 has on ecommerce in Europe and the rest of the world. Every day, the tool shows new data at a global and regional level in multiple sectors. Continue reading

Amazon closes Fulfillment by Amazon for most

Amazon has suspended most inbound shipments for its Fulfillment by Amazon service in Europe. The ecommerce giant wants to prioritize items such as medical supplies, as there is now a bigger need for these kinds of products due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Continue reading

EU wants goods to be more durable and repairable

Recycling in ecommerce

The European Commission has adopted a new plan, which focuses on the design and production for a circular economy. The Commission wants to transform the way products in the EU are made. It wants them recyclable, repairable and designed to last longer. Continue reading

Postponed ecommerce events

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, is dominating the headlines all over the world. This has led to the postponing and cancellation of several ecommerce events in Europe. Here you can find which ones you can and cannot visit for now. Continue reading

March: ecommerce events in Europe

Ecommerce events in Europe in March

March is a very busy month, when it comes to ecommerce events you can visit in Europe. So, as always, we’ve made a handy overview for you, so you know when and where an ecommerce event takes place this month in Europe. Continue reading

Groupon stops selling goods


Groupon has announced it will stop selling goods. Instead, it wants to focus on the local experiences market opportunity. Groupon announced the transformation news after a disappointing fourth quarter. Continue reading

BigCommerce launches multi-currency features


BigCommerce introduced a collection of multi-currency features, which enables merchants to present and process online purchases in over 100 foreign currencies. This should make it easier for online stores to sell cross-border to shoppers across Europe and beyond. Continue reading

February: ecommerce events in Europe

Ecommerce events in February

January is over, the days are getting longer, so why don’t you visit some ecommerce events? So, as always, we’ve made a handy overview for you, so you know when and where an ecommerce event takes place this month in Europe. Continue reading

UPS offers plug-ins for popular ecommerce platforms


UPS has announced a range of plug-ins, that allows users of Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and OpenCart to add its services to their ecommerce websites. The plug-ins are part of the recently announced UPS Digital Access Program. Continue reading

SearchNode publishes report on ecommerce trends 2020


What can we expect from the ecommerce industry in 2020? Ecommerce News Europe spoke with Antanas Bakšys, CEO and co-founder of Lithuanian tech company SearchNode, about the latest ecommerce trends. Continue reading

Bose focuses on online only


Bose will close all of its stores in Europe, as well as in North America, Australia and Japan. The audio brand chose for this solution after it saw a ‘dramatic shift’ to online shopping in certain regions across the globe. Continue reading

The Dutch return online orders the most

Online returns

Consumers in the Netherlands have the dubious honor to be the ones that send most online purchases back. Again. In the Netherlands, there’s a return rate of 13 percent, which is more than in countries such as Germany, Poland and Switzerland. Continue reading

New EU rules for consumer protection are in force

European Union

New European Union rules for better consumer protection came into force yesterday. The modernized rules are designed to better be in line with digital developments. The European Commission urges member states to strictly implement the rules. Continue reading