Impact of virus on ecommerce in CEE market

Impact of virus on ecommerce in CEE market

MonkeyData has launched online platform, which shows the impact coronavirus Covid-19 has on ecommerce in Central and Eastern Europe. The study involves over 1,200 online stores.

“Data are the basis of good decision making, and today’s turbulent time demands it more than ever. Therefore, we have decided to help through what we do best and prepared this study as a help for all ecommerce companies”, MonkeyData founder Jan Lastuvka tells Ecommerce News Europe.

The platform, which can be found at, will be updated every day with new data about the events in the ecommerce industry of Central and Eastern Europe. This way, the platform wants to offer online shops, carriers and other important ecommerce players the right information for their decision making.

Overall, ecommerce is stable, but sales vary per category

According to the platform, the overall ecommerce in the CEE region appears to be very stable, but they are some significant shifts in purchases across industries. The biggest sales growth year-on-year can be found in Health (+206 percent), Building Materials (+119 percent), Children’s Goods (+103 percent) and Chemist’s (+101 percent). A significant decline can be found in the segments Garden, Clothing and Fashion and Office, Workshop, Warehouse. “In the latter we are even talking about a slump in sales.”

The segment Office, Workshop, Warehouse shows a slump in sales.


The revenue development of ecommerce in the Czech Republic.


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