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Statistics are boring? Hell no! They can be very interesting, if you are interested in the ecommerce industry that is. Check out this category to see some stunning numbers and data about the ecommerce industry in different European countries or about a certain company.

Boohoo Group’s sales grow 48 percent

Online fashion retailer Boohoo

Boohoo Group has had a better year than expected. The online fashion retail group, with brands Boohoo, BoohooMan, PrettyLittleThing, MissPap and Nasty Gal, saw its revenue increase to 857 million pounds (962 million euros), which means an increase of 48 percent. Expectations are that Boohoo will pass the billion pounds milestone this year. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Austria was worth €7.3 billion in 2018

Ecommerce in Austria

Ecommerce in Austria was worth 7.3 billion euros in 2018. Most of the money that Austrian consumers spent online went to foreign online retailers, although 3.3 billion euros still went to domestic ecommerce companies. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Europe: €621 billion in 2019

Ecommerce in Europe

Ecommerce in Europe is forecasted to be worth 621 billion euros by the end of 2019. This would mean an increase of 13.6 percent compared to the situation last year, when ecommerce was worth 547 billion euros. Continue reading

Ecommerce in UK to reach €200 billion in 2019

The United Kingdom (UK)

The business-to-consumer ecommerce turnover in the United Kingdom is expected to reach over 200 billion euros at the end of this year. That would mean an increase of 14.6 percent compared to the situation last year, when ecommerce in the UK was worth almost 175 billion euros. Continue reading

Hungary has 5.4 million online shoppers

Ecommerce in Hungary

Almost 5.4 million people in Hungary shopped online at least once in the past twelve months, a new survey shows. This means that 91 percent of adult internet users in Hungary made an online purchase recently. Continue reading

Otto Group’s online revenues increase to €7.7 billion

Otto Group

Otto Group, one of the world’s largest online retailers, saw its online sales increase to approximately 7.7 billion euros in the 2018/19 financial year. That’s an increase of 4.5 percent compared to the situation one year before. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Spain was worth €27.96bn in 2018

Ecommerce in Spain was worth 27.96 billion euros in 2018. That’s an increase of 17 percent compared to the previous year. For this year, a growth of about 20 percent is expected, which would mean ecommerce in Spain will be worth 33.56 billion euros at the end of 2019. Continue reading

Ecommerce in Germany is growing slower than expected

Ecommerce in Germany

Ecommerce in Germany was growing slower than expected last year. Still, it’s especially the fashion shops that are losing sales to online retailers. But German trade association HDE still believes in local purchasing. Continue reading

Belgian ecommerce top 10 dominated by foreign players

Ecommerce in Belgium

Ecommerce in Belgium is still being dominated by foreign online retailers. Last year, the biggest online turnover was achieved by Dutch ecommerce giant, followed by Coolblue (also from the Netherlands) and Amazon France. In the top 10, there are only two Belgian players. Continue reading

8% increase in returns in Europe

Online returns

The number of returns in Europe this year has increased by 8 percent compared to the same period last year. At the same time, free shipping has shown a 3 percent rise and goods purchased using a short-term promotion grew 29 percent. Continue reading

Wildberries is biggest online retailer in Russia

Online fashion retailer is the number one in a list of Russian ecommerce websites ranked by sales volume, number of orders and average order value. Just like in 2016 and 2017, the fashion website leads the ranks. Continue reading

Ecommerce in France will reach 104 billion euros in 2019

Ecommerce in France

The turnover of business-to-consumer ecommerce in France is expected to reach 104.2 billion euros at the end of 2019. This would mean an increase of 12.5 percent compared to the situation last year, when ecommerce in France was worth 92.6 billion euros. Continue reading

‘Ecommerce in Germany will grow to €57.8 billion in 2019’

Ecommerce in Germany

Ecommerce in Germany is predicted to increase by 9 percent this year. This means the German online retail industry could be worth 57.8 billion euros at the end of 2019. The growth rate of German ecommerce has slowly been decreasing the last few years. Continue reading