M&S offers Dropit’s store-to-door delivery service

M&S offers Dropit’s store-to-door delivery service

Marks & Spencer has collaborated with the British store-to-door delivery platform Dropit, which provides a courier service for shoppers in London’s West End. Now, customers from Marks & Spencer who don’t want to carry their bags home, instead can have them delivered at their place whenever they want.

Marks & Spencer is the latest retailer on West End who signed up to delivery platform Dropit. Thanks to the new partnership, customers from M&S can drop their shopping bags at a M&S store, knowing these bags will be delivered to their door later that day. This way, they don’t have to carry their bags all day while they are shopping in London.

“At M&S we put the customer at the heart of the services we offer in-store and online. We’re pleased to be able to improve the customer experience at two of our biggest stores (in the Oxford Street and Regent Street area) by working in partnership with Dropit”, says Peter Line, head of retail operations.

40 retail partners offer Dropit’s store-to-door service

M&S is the latest retail partner of Dropit situated in the West End of London, with 40 companies such as Liberty London, Uniqlo, Superdry and River Island already connected. All these retail stores offer the Dropit service to their customers, who pay 10 pounds for a day pass. With this pass, they can drop off an unlimited amount of shopping bags at participating retailers, even if the items have been purchased from non-Dropit partners. Participating retailers accepts these bags, so they understand valuable data about the others shops their customers are buying from.

According to Dropit, its service increase the average transaction value and the in-store dwell time. Lululemon for example said it saw its average transaction value increase from about 172 euros to over 680 euros.


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