Online grocer Nemlig is Denmark’s best online store

Online grocer Nemlig is Denmark’s best online store

The winners of the FDIH E-handelsprisen 2018 were revealed and online supermarket won the main award. At the same event, Too Good To Go was rewarded with the title of best newcomer, while the 19-year old Daniel Johannesen was named the best ecommerce entrepreneur.

“We are very happy and super proud to win the Golden Prize”,’s CCO Mikkel Pilemand said after he won the gold ecommerce award, which is meant for Denmark’s best online store. “We invest a lot in developing our services so we can make online shopping even easier for consumers and so it’s great that others acknowledge our work.”

Nemlig also won award for best B2C business

It wasn’t the only award that Nemlig won last Thursday. The online supermarket also went home with an award for best B2C business (with a revenue of over 50 million Danish kroner, or 6.7 million euros). The winner of that award was decided by a jury of ecommerce experts, while the winner of the gold ecommerce award was decided by a jury of twelve chairmen who had to choose from all the category winners.

‘Beacon in Danish ecommerce’

According to the jury, is a beacon in the Danish ecommerce. “They are super good at involving users, they have mastered the logistics, they have plenty of can-do attitude and they like to think big”, FDIH’s CEO Niels Ralund commented

All winners of E-handelsprisen 2018

  • Best app: EasyPark
  • Best new ecommerce business: Too Good to Go
  • Best omnichannel ecommerce business: Brødrene Dahl
  • Best ecommerce tool: Agillic
  • Best B2C ecommerce business with sales over 50 million kroner:
  • Best ecommerce case: Venue Manager &
  • Best export case: Sinful
  • Best B2B ecommerce business: Danfoss
  • Best B2C business with sales below 50 million kroner: Goodiebox
  • Best subscription solution: Barberklingen
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