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PayPal’s One Touch for Web expands to the UK

PayPal’s One Touch for Web expands to the UK

After the launch of One Touch for Web in the US, PayPal’s payment feature will now expand to the United Kingdom as well as Canada. With One Touch, consumers can pay on the Web with a single click after their first login.

At the end of April this year, PayPal has extended its One Touch payments feature to the Web. But back then, the service was only available to US consumers, but the company already said it would roll out internationally over the next few months. They didn’t disappoint, as one and a half month later the feature is now available to consumers in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Authorize payments with one touch
With One Touch for Web consumers can authorize payments with, well, one touch. They just need to enter their ID and password once per device, rather than once per app. When they make another payment in the future, PayPal has remembered the details, so the consumer only needs to confirm the payment.

The One Touch feature can be used on any site that accepts PayPal. Consumers also don’t need to change anything in the settings of their PayPal account. According to the payment company, companies like Airbnb, Lyft, YPlan and Boxed have adopted the feature and saw their sales increase noticeably. “And because One Touch enables consumers to pay without entering any payment information even at signup, it helps to increase customer adoption and address checkout abandonment”, PayPal says.

About One Touch
One Touch was launched last year for Android and iOS by mobile payment platform Braintree, which is a daughter company of PayPal.