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Poland joins European ecommerce organization

E-Commerce Polska has joined Ecommerce Europe. The newly founded ecommerce association in Poland thinks joining the European organization is an important step. “Working together with leading branch organizations all across Europe will enable us to expand our knowledge of important market trends and increase our influence on developments in legislation”, so says Grzegorz Wójcik, organizer of the Polish initiative.


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Cross-border organization
According to François Momboisse, President of the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe, who is happy with the Polish organization becoming a member, Poland is one of the leaders of the emerging ecommerce countries in Central and Eastern Europe. “We believe it is important that the voice of e-commerce from all regions in Europe is heard in Brussels. As more countries and companies from all over Europe join us in Ecommerce Europe, the louder the voice we can raise in Europe.”

E-commerce Polska was founded by dozens of ecommerce organizations from the Eastern European country, including Conrad, and PayU. As of now it has almost hundred members. One of the organizations first goals is to set up the Chamber of Digital Economy (e-Chamber), which will then participate in all industry related legislation processes

Poland is an blooming ecommerce country as its sales in this industry increased with 25% last year, now reaching €4.2 billion. Almost one in two Polish internet users shop online, which equates to about 9 million Polish people. Online shoppers in that country spent an estimate €464 last year, which is an annual amount below the European average.