Shopware 6 gets API First approach

Shopware 6 gets API First approach

Shopware has introduced the latest update to its ecommerce software. Shopware 6 is built on a completely new technical basis and is based on a API First approach. With the software, all areas of a shop can be controlled via an API, so various third-party providers can automate processes within Shopware.

A key feature of the new software, which will be launched in July, is the option to integrate any imaginable sales channel, the German ecommerce software provider announced at the Shopware Community Day.

Connectable with any conceivable sales channel

The latest edition of the software is not only aimed at the ‘classics’, such as online shops, mobile apps, marketplaces, social shopping or local points of sale, but is also ready to “connect with any conceivable channel that will emerge over the years”, like projects in the field of Internet of Things or voice commerce.

Location of customer touchpoint no longer important

“Automation and thinking in terms of channels are the most important aspects. Fundamentally, this is about connectivity and the ability to create cross-channel customer experiences”, the company explains. “The location of the customer touchpoint will no longer be of major importance in future.”

Open source

Shopware has also created a proprietary design concept and component library for developers, so they can make use of these for their own plugins. “Thousands of new community members can now create solutions for Shopware and continue to improve the product”, Shopware says, emphasizing its commitment to the open source approach it embraced in 2016.

Shopware 5 gets support for the next five years

Technically inclined users can already download the developer preview on GitHub and users of Shopware 5 still have some time to update the software, as the development of Shopware 5 will continue and will be provided with support for a period of five years.


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