Startup Letsell has more users than eBay Italia

Startup Letsell has more users than eBay Italia

Letsell, an ecommerce startup from Turin, has overtaken eBay Italia when it comes to the number of unique users and registered sellers. The startup, founded in September 2017, currently has as an online network of over 40,000 Italian retailers.

Letsell is an online ecommerce platform that allows users to create an online store without doing any investments. They can manage an already-complete fashion ecommerce website, having only to deal with the promotion of the site; the whole sale, warehouse, delivery and resale process is managed by Letsell.

Over 40,000 unique users

The ecommerce startup is different from other services that lets users start and manage an online store, such as Shopify or PrestaShop. With Letsell, users can pick from a catalog of over 120 brands and 4,000 products and showcase only the items they like, with the prices they want to apply. And this digital service now has over 40,000 unique users, which is more than the number of Italian sellers registered on eBay Italia.

Last July, an important investment round ended in which Intesa Sanpaolo, the second-largest bank of Italy, also took part. For them, Letsell was the first non-fintech startup it funded. A new investment round of 1.5 million euros has been opened and with the funds of this new round Letsell wants to reach new ambitious goals.

Letsell will launch in France and Spain

“By the end of 2019, we want 100,000 unique retailers registered and open the doors to an international market, starting in France and Spain“, CEO and founder Luca Ferrero told La Repubblica.

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