#supportyourlocal launched to help German businesses

#supportyourlocal launched to help German businesses

A new online platform, called #supportyourlocal, has been launched to support local business owners. The non-profit project urges consumers to buy vouchers, so that business owners who need to close their doors, can still generate some turnover.

“The coronavirus and quarantine measures are hitting society hard. Many local business owners have to close, but do not have the financial reserves to survive weeks without any turnover. It is to support such businesses that we have launched #supportyourlocal as a non-profit project”, the website explains.

Vouchers can be redeemed after quarantine

So in order to support local businesses like cafés, bars, restaurants and shops, the online platform lists companies that offer online vouchers. These vouchers can then be redeemed once the quarantine measures end. “This way, the owners can continue to pay their employees, feed their families and pay their bills, and you can look forward to brunch with friends or a cozy afternoon with coffee and cake at your favorite café around the corner!”

This way, owners can continue to pay their employees.

#supportyourlocal works with Firstvoucher (“there is no business partnership”), which allows retail businesses to start their own voucher shop for free. Firstvoucher won’t charge any fee for the first two months after registration.


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