Swedish white goods retailer Tretti opens stores

Swedish white goods retailer Tretti opens stores

Online white goods retailer Tretti is investing in physical stores across Sweden. In addition to the previously announced flagship store in Stockholm, Tretti will also open physical stores in Helsingborg, Halmstad and Umeå.

“We have found good partners and established stores in all of these locations”, says Esben Aabenhus, CEO of WhiteAway Group, a Swedish ecommerce company that owns Tretti and other online shops such as WhiteAway and Skousen.

‘More than just extension of online store’

With the physical stores, Tretti wants to offer more than just an extension of its online store at Tretti.se. Aabenhus explains that the ecommerce company wants to provide inspiration and knowledge for its customers.

‘Online and offline stores should complement each other’

“In recent years, many local retailers have experienced how customers choose ecommerce rather than the physical store. “Online retailer Tretti now chooses to go against the flow and establish a number of physical stores across Sweden. Instead of competing, online stores and local retailers should complement each other under the same brand to fit customers’ varying needs for service”, the ecommerce company says in the press release [pdf].

‘Omnichannel could help customers looking for white goods’

Hampus Nording, CEO of Tretti Retail, thinks that by combing the local retailer’s enthusiasm and knowledge with the online retailer’s strong offerings and speed, they can create something that many customers today miss when buying home and kitchen appliances. “That’s why we won’t settle for just these locations, we have already begun the search for more talented franchisees around the country”, he adds.

The physical stores will be run under the Tretti brand, but the store will remain a local player with local control who can adapt to the home market, Tretti explains. “Established stores where employees are passionate about their job, have been the deciding factor in which cities we first open stores”, Nording explains.

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