Sweden wants to ban online sales of alcohol

Online sales of alcohol

The government of Sweden has proposed a new law that will make it illegal for online shops to sell alcohol to Swedish consumers. The new rules are envisaged to enter into force on 1 January 2018. The law is most likely to go against the EU regulations and the European Union has declined such proposals before. Still it can be bad news for some wine sellers. Continue reading

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Online food industry makes breakthrough in Sweden

Online groceries

Ecommerce in Sweden is growing rapidly and this year every fourth household has shopped online for groceries. Online sales of foods and drinks has made a breakthrough in Sweden, statistics from GFK have revealed. Until September of this year, the purchase of food online was worth 5.4 billion kronor, or 550 million euros. This corresponds with 4.2 percent of total sales of foods. Continue reading

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Ecommerce in Sweden increases by 18% during Q2

Sweden flag

The ecommerce industry in Sweden has shown significant growth during the second quarter this year. The online retail sector saw its sales increase by 18 percent during these three months, compared to the same period last year. Expectations are the ecommerce industry in Sweden will be worth 58 billion Swedish kronor, or 6.08 billion euros. Continue reading

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