Takeaway considers merging with Delivery Hero

Takeaway considers merging with Delivery Hero

Dutch food delivery service company Takeaway.com considers merging with Delivery Hero. Founder Jitse Groen thinks a shakeout is the next logical step, as a consolidation of the market is on its way. “In every major country in the world there can be only one player.”

Groen made this remark to the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. He said a merger with Delivery Hero would be an option. In Germany, Takeaway.com is active with the brand Lieferando and according to Groen, they now have 20 percent more orders than the numbers two and three combined. The numbers two and three in this case would be Lieferheld and Pizza.de, both owned by the German company Delivery Hero.

Delivery Hero also expects further consolidation

Niklas östberg, co-founder and CEO at Delivery Hero, also expects further mergers and acquisitions. “We assume there is a consolidation in our industry”, he said today. But for the market in Germany, he thinks a merger would be unlikely, at least in the short term. However, the speculation caused some enthusiasm on the stock exchanges, as the listed stock of Delivery Hero climbed by five percent, while Takeaway’s share in Amsterdam was up about four percent.

Who will dominate the food delivery market in Europe?

The food delivery service market is very competitive. Two years ago, we wrote an article, titled “Who will dominate the food delivery market in Europe?” Back then it was already clear that players like Just Eat (UK), Delivery Hero (Germany) and Takeaway.com (the Netherlands) each dominate a country in Europe, but Germany was still on of those big markets that was still up for grabs.

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