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Ve acquires display retargeting business from eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions

UK-based technology company Ve Interactive has acquired the Display Retargeting business from eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions, a recently launched independent company. Now Ve has a client base of more than 10,000 online businesses. All employees from the eBay Enterprise Display Retargeting business will be retained.

Ve Interactive shared the news yesterday, saying the ad tech acquisition marks a major milestone in the company’s ongoing expansion as a global ecommerce technology company. “eBay Enterprise Display Retargeting’s reach across America gives us a superb platform to grow West from our East Coast hub, and we’re delighted to welcome their staff into the business”, said CEO David J. Brown. “This is a hugely exciting time for us in the largest digital advertising market in the world.”

eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions helps brands and retailers to deliver consistent omnichannel experiences across all retail touch.  It uses first party commerce data, which could be applied in real time to display ad targeting and optimization. eBay Enterprise Display is powered by the eBay Audience Platform, so data from one of the world’s largest marketplaces can be leveraged together with a company’s customer data.

The Display Retargeting business was part of eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions. This is now an independent company, but was previously owned by eBay Inc. In November, Banneker Partners and the Permira Funds acquired the company from the global ecommerce player. eBay Inc. is thus no longer affiliated with eBay Enterprise Marketing Solution. The use of the eBay Enterprise mark on the Display Retargeting business website is said to be rebranded in the near future.