Vente-privee acquires Belgian competitor Vente-exclusive

Vente-privee acquires Belgian competitor Vente-exclusive has acquired a majority stake in its Belgian competitor The Belgian stakeholders will keep the remaining 49.9%. They will lead and support the further development of the website, which offers daily sales with discounts of 30% to 70% off the retail price.

In the official press release prefers speaking about a strategic partnership, but fact is that (which is now called Veepee) now owns the majority of the company’s stakes. As a result of the acquisition is able to offer its members an even greater variety of brands and top deals, but it will also enable the Belgian website to grow internationally.

Expand operations in Northern Europe
“It’s a unique experience and an honor to collaborate with the pioneer in our field”, Stefan Tournoy and Léon Seynave, founders of, say. “An alliance with the market leader in Europe is quite something and it allows us to grow faster by adding new product categories to our shop.”

Jacques-Antoine Granjon, CEO and founder of says the acquisition fits perfectly into the company’s long-term vision. “We want to further expand our operations in Northern Europe, both organically and through external growth.” will continue to work autonomously.

About was founded in 2006 in Belgium and now employs about 160 people. The website consists of daily sales and has attracted 4 million members. Last year, the company achieved a turnover of 90 million euros and aims to reach 130 million euros by the end of this year.

About was founded in 2001 and offers exclusive sales to its members as well. had operations running in the United States last year, but due to a lack of sufficient profitability, the company announced its desire to refocus on Europe. Last year, its revenue was worth 1.7 billion euros.

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