26% of Brits shop online once a week

26% of Brits shop online once a week

Last year, 22 percent of Brits shopped online once a week, but that percentage has increased to 26 percent now. Also, 68 percent of the British population shop online at least once a month, while 3 percent do this every day.

Ecommerce in the United Kingdom shows no sign of slowing down. This is shown by research that was conducted by Ipsos MORI and based on 3,000 UK consumers aged 16 years or older. And it’s not only news that consumers are shopping online more often, they are also spending more. Currently, the average Brit spends about 250 euros on online shopping over a three month period. This compares to 233 euros in the same period last year.

28% of Brits use delivery subscription scheme

Delivery subscription schemes are also becoming more and more popular among British consumers. Almost three in ten Brits currently use a delivery subscription scheme, which is a strong increase compared to the 20 percent of Brits that was a member of a delivery subscription in the second quarter of last year. It’s mostly young people (18-24 year olds) that are most likely to have a delivery subscription, as 40 percent of them are members of a delivery subscription.

‘Retailers must have simple returns process’

“Consumers are looking for convenience, and delivery subscriptions are providing this”, a spokesperson for Royal Mail Parcels says. “Retailers need to ensure they’re responding to consumer demand or they risk being left behind. With the emergence of try-before-you-buy schemes for consumers, returns will continue to rise and retailers must have a simple returns process in place to respond to this.”

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