45% growth in Polish cross-border ecommerce in 2014

45% growth in Polish cross-border ecommerce in 2014

There was a growth of 45% in the cross-border ecommerce industry in Poland this year. With this growth rate, it grew harder than the cross-border ecommerce industry in European countries like Romania, Greece and Hungary. Polish consumers would shop more abroad if cost of returns was free.

Ecommerce in Poland worth €5.6bn in 2014
This is apparent from a presentation Ganna Yevtushenko, Head of Business Development at PayPal, held during Meet Magento Poland last month. That’s where she also told the Polish ecommerce industry was worth 7 billion dollars (€5.64bn) in 2014. For comparison: the value of the ecommerce industry in 2014 was estimated at €6.94bn by Money.pl and Interaktywnie.com last month.

During the presentation, Yevtushenko told the audience the global cross-border ecommerce industry is worth 105 billion dollars in 2014, while this will grow to 307 billion dollars by 2018. So, there’s still a lot of growth potential for the Polish market.

However, the Polish cross-border ecommerce industry already grew by 45% this year (based on PayPal’s own data), which makes it a faster growing cross-border country than Romania (+36%), Greece (+30%) and Hungary (+21%). The Czech Republic however, grew by 48%.

Cross-border growth in Ecommerce Poland

Free returns to drive cross-border ecommerce
The PayPal woman also made clear that 83% of Polish buyers would shop more online if cost of returns was free. And according to data from another presentation she held in October, 58% to 357% is the potential growth in sales of online stores that start offering free returns. This is a very high number, but it has to do with the fact online stores can attract much more customers from abroad whenever they start offering this free returns option.

Free returns could boost cross-border ecommerce in Poland

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