500.000 customers for furniture shop Home24

Home24 celebrated its 500,000th customer this week. The online shop for all things furniture is only one and a half years active, but it’s getting bigger and bigger every month. Nowadays they sell more than 40,000 products ranging from furniture to cupboards en fireplaces.

Felix Jahn, Managing Director of Home24, says he and his team always believed that the combination of furniture and the online world would be a perfect match. Their recipe for success is the fact they attempt to offer the right product for any demand. “Both in terms of style and price range.”

Market leader
In one and a half years, Home24 became the market leader in the online furniture sector. And interesting market, because furniture and home decoration saw growth rates of almost 60% last year and it was one of the strongest emerging ecommerce markets in 2012. Compared to traditional furniture retailing, Home24 has an larger assortment of products, they offer free and fast delivery and if a customer doesn’t like the product he or she can return it free of charge.

Convenient online shopping experience
“We serve more than 2.000 customers a day and we see that they are based both in the large metropolitan areas as well as in more rural regions. In the future we will work even harder to provide our customers with the most convenient and reliable online shopping experience for furniture and home accessories”, Jahn says.

Home24, another Rocket Internet company, is now active in four European markets: Germany, France, the Netherlands and Austria. Its headquarters is located in Berlin, where 300 people work for the online shop.