51% UK consumers prefer to shop online rather than in-store

51% UK consumers prefer to shop online rather than in-store

Ecommerce is beating the high street in the United Kingdom, as 51 percent of consumers say they prefer to shop online instead of at physical stores. Over half of consumers also said they are shopping more online this year, compared to 2017.

This is shown by a study from EmpathyBroker among 3,000 adults in the United Kingdom two months ago. The research shows that 55 percent of consumers shop more online now than they did last year, on average they buy something online six times per month. The group of 25-34 year olds are the most active ones, they shop on average eight times per month.

Consumers often don’t know what to buy yet

Only 13 percent of UK consumers knew exactly what product they want to buy every time this visit an ecommerce website, while 42 percent have this feeling only some of the time. Two thirds of shoppers in the United Kingdom like to browse often or every time they shop, while a third look for brands to suggest products option. EmpathyBroker: “This may explain why two in five people (43 percent) said they were more likely to make an unexpected purchase online than in-store.”

‘It all comes back to emotions’

Founder Angel Maldonado says this presents a great opportunity for online retailers, but that it’s also no longer enough to offer great products or have the coolest store. “It helps, yes, but in the end, it all comes back to emotions, to making people feel unique and special. Smart retailers are thinking more about people, relationships and creating memorable and joyful digital experiences”, he says.

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