6 percent of Europeans shop online every day

6 percent of Europeans shop online every day

Europeans are quite active in the ecommerce market. One in four Europeans with internet access shopped online at least once a week last year, while over 60 percent shopped online once a month. And 6 percent of Europeans shop online every day.

These are some of the statistics gathered in the 2017 Masterindex [pdf], the first Mastercard survey of consumer trends in ecommerce and new payments in Europe. It also found out that consumers in the United Kingdom are some of the most frequent online shoppers in Europe. The share of Brits that shop online every day (8 percent) isn’t higher than that of Poles (9%), Lithuanians (9%) and Italians (8%), but they do stand out when it comes to weekly activity (41%), where they are followed by the Irish (32%) and Germans (30%).

Fraud and control over payment

Mastercard is all about payments, so of course it surveyed consumers about their payment activities online. The study shows that fraud and control over the payment are the main reasons why consumers in Europe won’t pay online. This trend is consistent across countries, but the concern about fraud is the highest in Greece, where 71 percent of consumers say this is an issue for them. In Denmark however, the level of concern about fraud is the lowest: 46 percent of consumers say it’s a barrier.

These two countries are also at both ends of the statistic about shopping clothes online. While 50 percent of Europeans who shop online buy clothing and footwear online, in Greece this share is the highest, with 55 percent. In Denmark on the other hand, just 39 percent purchase clothing online.

Interesting statistics about ecommerce in Europe

The Masterindex is filled with many more of these interesting statistics about ecommerce in Europe. Did you know for example, that in the Czech Republic, half of consumers who shop online buy electronics, while in France the number is only one in four? Or that for 1 in 3 European online shoppers, cards and online banking are the most used form of online payment from mobiles?


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