86% of Brits are Amazon shoppers

86% of Brits are Amazon shoppers

Amazon is very popular in the United Kingdom. Recent research shows that almost nine in ten Brits are Amazon shoppers. And last year, more people have increased their shopping with Amazon than decreased it. Seven in ten Amazon users in the UK buy from the ecommerce giant at least once a month.

This is shown by new research from Mintel. Over the past year, 21 percent of current Amazon shoppers have increased their shopping with Amazon, while only 13 percent decreased it. Overall, most of the Amazon customers in the United Kingdom shop with the ecommerce giant at least once a month, while 17 percent use the retailer weekly.

The most popular purchases on Amazon UK are hardcopy media, such as books DVD and video games. These are bought by 39 percent of consumers. This product category is followed by consumer electronics (30 percent), fashion & jewelry (30 percent) and toys (20 percent).

Amazon-produced devices at home

What’s also interesting to note is that UK shoppers not only visit Amazon.co.uk, but that 45 percent of households also have some form of Amazon-produced device at home. Kindle is the most popular device (23 percent), followed by Fire TV (16 percent), Fire Tablet (14 percent) and Echo (11 percent).

‘Relentless focus on investment and innovation’

“Amazon is a phenomenon of 21st century retail”, Nick Carroll, retail analyst at Mintel, says. “In a little over 20 years, it has grown to be a retailer that nearly all consumers use. It has achieved this through a relentless focus on customer-facing investment and innovation. Amazon has built a platform that customers are both happy to use, and pay for the privilege of doing so via its various subscription services.”

‘Amazon responsible for physical stores closing’

Almost half of Amazon users say they believe the company is responsible for physical stores closing. This might have something to do with the fact 75 percent of these Amazon shoppers say they often check product prices they see in-store on Amazon. And a similar share (70 percent) of Amazon shoppers say they research products elsewhere but then buy them on Amazon.

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