Who we are
We are Henoch van Paesschen and Dirkjan Vis, two bloggers who both work at a Dutch internet company called We have years of experience in the ecommerce industry and we’ve noticed that some of our foreign business contacts don’t know that much about the ecommerce situation in Europe. That’s why we started this blog. Our primary goal is to give our international readers useful information about ecommerce in Europe.

What we do
We own some Dutch blogs in the Netherlands e.g. Ecommerce News NederlandOndernemen & Internet (“Entrepreneurs & Internet”) and (“Investors”). All of these sites belong to Zietuwel, an Utrecht based dot-com company.

For those of you who really want to know who is behind this website:

Eurolutions /
Kanaalweg 14K
3526 KL Utrecht (Google Maps)
The Netherlands

Kanaalweg 14K
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Registered since 2002 at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number 37102174.

About this website
The website was unofficially launched in March 2013 and has its specific focus on the European ecommerce scene. We give answers to questions like: “what is happening in the online retail industry in Sweden?”, “which Italian ecommerce players has gone abroad to Spain?” and “what are the differences between German and French online stores?”.

Like we said, we are Dutch, so English isn’t our mother tongue. We apologize in advance for the terrible, terrible linguistic errors we’ve made and will make! And always feel free to contact us!