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Pleuni Jacobs has been working as an editor for Ecommerce News since 2019. She mostly writes news and background articles. She is also the person responsible for adding events to our event calendar. If you have questions about getting your event mentioned on our website, chances are that she will be the one answering them. Do you want to read more of Pleuni’s work? Check out our other websites: Ecommerce News Nederland, Crowdfundmarkt, Investeerders, Investment Platforms Europe and Ondernemen en Internet.


Before Ecommerce News, Pleuni studied Psychology and obtained a Master’s degree in Gender Studies. After that, she started out as a freelance writer but soon noticed that she wanted to work with colleagues. Then she found Ecommerce News, where she has been working ever since. Nowadays, she mostly writes news and background articles. She also manages advertisements and edits texts by other editors.

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Salesupply launches hybrid AI bot

Salesupply launches hybrid AI bot

Ecommerce fulfillment and customer service provider Salesupply is launching a hybrid AI chatbot. It is meant to reduce customer service costs for online sellers, while also improving customer experience. Soon, the company wants to implement the technology in mail and telephone customer service inquiries as well.

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