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Aldi launches two-hour delivery in London

Aldi has rolled out two-hour delivery for its entire range of groceries to 20,000 postcodes across London. It’s the first time the German grocery discounter enables customers to order groceries online and then get them delivered at their homes.


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Aldi won’t handle the delivery all by itself. It has partnered with Home Run, a startup that already handles fulfilment services for M&S, Waitrose, Tesco and Whole Foods. “We are taking Aldi online in a grocery delivery first! Enjoy the amazing, seasonal fresh British produce and brilliantly low prices we all know and love from Aldi, delivered to your door in as little as 1 hour!”, the company says in a LinkedIn post.

Ordering groceries online isn’t cheap

Aldi may be well known for its low prices, the online grocery service isn’t cheap. Customers need to pay a 6.8 euros fee per delivery, plus a 10 to 20 percent markup on all shelf prices. So for example, if you buy groceries at a Aldi store in the UK and you need to pay 30 euros, that same basket contents will cost you almost 43 euros online. But Aldi isn’t the most expensive when it comes to delivery fees, as Tesco charges up to 12.4 euros if your order is below 45 euros.

Ordering groceries from Aldi online takes places via the Home Run app or website. Contrary to many other supermarkets online, Aldi doesn’t have the option to get free delivery once the customer has spent a certain amount online.