Aldi prepares for ecommerce

Aldi prepares for ecommerce

Aldi seems to prepare for a better ecommerce strategy. Aldi Süd is gradually rolling outs its globally uniform IT system across its shop network across 20 countries. The discounter is laying the groundwork for ecommerce.

Aldi Süd is renewing all important business processes. This investment costs approximately 1.5 billion euros, so it seems Aldi is seriosuly going for an ecommerce approach. The German discounter has around 10,000 physical stores in 20 different countries.

The whole operation is meant to lay the foundations for ecommerce, Lebensmittel Zeitung writes. Aldi Süd will roll out its new backend systems in Germany in the first half of this year. Its purchasing system is already being used increasingly in day-to-day business and it will soon cover all countries and product ranges.

The whole operation is meant to lay the foundations for ecommerce.

Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord purchase together

“The e-procurement solution for tenders, contract management and digital workflow runs at both Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord and thus creates the technical basis for the increasingly common purchasing of the two sister companies”, the German newspaper explains.

Aldi has changed its mind

Until now, Aldi wasn’t so keen on ecommerce. The biggest reason being that delivering groceries would be loss-making. But with the lockdowns across Europe, and the fact that it has started with click & collect and delivery via external companies such as Deliveroo and Instacart, Aldi seems to have changed its mind.

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