Allegro: ‘revenue €1.14 billion in 2021’

Allegro: ‘revenue €1.14 billion in 2021’

Major Polish ecommerce marketplace Allegro has announced that its revenue reached 1.14 billion euros in 2021. This is a 33.9 percent growth when compared to the year before. The company expects that it will keep up the same growth rate in 2022.

The popular marketplace was founded in 1999 in Poland. In its recently published Q4 financial report, it announced that it now has 15.5 million active users. Around 133.000 merchants use the platform, making it a worthy competitor of Amazon in Poland.

250 million offers

“Last year was all about significant progress in preparing Allegro for future growth”, said Francois Nuyts, CEO. “All in all, 13.5 million active buyers on Allegro – almost half of all internet users in Poland – can pick from over 250 million offers from around 133.000 merchants. And there will be no slowing down on our part, as we plan to continue raising the bar in Poland and have already laid much groundwork for expanding our international footprint.”

‘Allegro’s GMV in 2021 was €9.09 billion.’

The platform’s GMV grew with 16.7 percent to 2.7 billion euros in Q4 when compared to the same period the year before. The total GMV for 2021 was 9.09 billion euros. The Adjusted EBITDA grew 18.2 percent to 441.5 million euros.

Allegro Pay

Allegro has launched several services over the past years, including Allegro Pay, the platform’s ‘buy now, pay later’ payment method. In 2021, Allegro Pay originated 426.5 million euros in loans. According to the financial report, the payment method increased the GMV per active buyer to 0.67 euros. This is a 18 percent growth when compared to the year before.

Expanding internationally and logistically

The company has been investing in fulfillment and logistics. Customers can now choose from almost 50.000 delivery pick-up points, making it the widest network in Poland. In 2022, the company will expand its parcel locker network to 3.000 units and extend fulfillment capacity.

‘We are expecting another year of growth for GMV and Adjusted EBITDA.’

“For 2022 we are expecting another year of growth for GMV and Adjusted EBITDA despite absorbing the startup costs of scaling our One Fulfillment and One Box services”, said Jon Eastick, Allegro’s CFO. “We’re planning a roll-out of exciting new platform features, starting with the internalization of Allegro’s activities. In this regard, a primary role will be taken by the Mall Group and WE|DO acquisition.”

In 2020, Allegro already announced its wish to expand further internationally. The acquisition of the two brands will grow Allegro’s geographical footprint and double its addressable market.



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