Amara launches online store in Belgium

Amara launches online store in Belgium

Interiors online retailer Amara will launch its online store in Belgium. This would be the tenth country where Amara runs a localized website. The announced launch in Belgium follows after a period of strong European growth.

After a few years of growth within France and Germany, Amara told Ecommerce News last month that it had plans to use the infrastructure that was put in place to expand across other markets in Europe. The first on that list is Belgium, where later this month it will launch its localized ecommerce website.

Targeting French-speaking users

The Belgian website will target French-speaking users, as they are known to already use the existing French website. According to Amara, about six in ten native Belgian users now use the French website. “By having a completely localized site, we are offering our users a better and more personalized experience with a journey tailored to them and their needs”, the UK lifestyle retailer comments.

Europe is Amara’s fastest-growing market

In October 2014, Amara went abroad for the first time, when its opened an online store in France. Since then, sales to European markets have grown significantly, averaging almost 100 percent growth each year. Currently, European sales account for 21 percent of the company’s revenue so far this year.

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