Amazon launched fashion label Find only in Europe

Amazon launched fashion label Find only in Europe

Last week, Amazon announced the launch of fashion label Find. What’s quite surprising, coming from the American ecommerce giant, this trend-driven fashion label is only available in Europe. But there’s a very logical reason behind this move.

For the past year, Amazon has been quietly working on its first major own-brand fashion collection for the European market, the Sunday Telegraph wrote. And last week, Amazon officially announced the launch of this private label brand of clothing for men and women. But it will be only available in Europe. The ecommerce company will aggressively advertise their new brand across social media and billboards the UK, France, Spain and Germany.

It won’t damage the overall brand equity of Amazon

But why won’t Find be available in its home country of the United States? The website Glossy has a perfectly good explanation for this. They’ve interviewed several experts, including Jim Fosina, CEO of Fosina Marketing Group. He says it makes totally sense to launch Find in Europe, which is a market not as highly competitive and critical as the one in the US. “That way, if there is a misstep, it won’t damage the overall brand equity of the line and of Amazon.”

It fits Amazon’s strategy for product categories it enters

But it’s not just about hiding Find’s potential failure for consumers in the US, it’s also about Amazon’s general strategy to first meet people where they are today and then bring them where Amazon is headed. For example, Amazon started sellings books and then launched its own e-reader. It started selling Bluetooth speakers, but after a while it launched its own smart speaker, the Amazon Echo. “The brand knows how to anchor itself in the known to bring in the new”, says consultant Leila Belmahi.

Europe is where fashion began

Another compelling reason for Amazon to launch Find only in Europe, is because this continent can be seen as fashion’s central hub. It only seems logical to publicly launch a fashion line where fashion began. “Amazon is […] establishing Find in the European image and associating the line with all of the class and style that US consumers – especially the very fashion-minded younger generations – crave”, says Kelly Jo Sands from Ansira.

If Amazon succeeds with Find in Europe, Fosina thinks it’s likely to see more success when it inevitably brings the brand to the US. “Amazon has the opportunity to woo the European market and create a level of buzz needed to launch more effectively here”, he adds.

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