Amazon is looking for 1,300 warehouses across Europe

Amazon is looking for 1,300 warehouses across Europe

Amazon is seeking a total of 1,300 warehouse units across Europe. The American retail giant is looking for small distribution facilities near major cities, so they can function as last-mile centers that receive and store shipments prior to their final deliveries to customers nearby.

If Amazon has these warehouse units across Europe, it can better serve members of its one-hour Prime Now delivery service. At the moment, Amazon has launched its Prime subscription service in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy. The service has been a great success for the company, as 40 percent of Prime subscribers spend over 1,000 euros annually on Amazon, compared with only 8 percent of non-Prime members.

Amazon: 25% of warehouse space rented in the UK

Amazon is really ramping up its range of warehouse units, although it already has lots of space to use for its logistics services. Last year, research from Savills has shown that Amazon accounted for over a quarter of all warehouse space rented in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is  more and more becoming a market for Amazon to expand its presence in Europe. Earlier this month, it launched its business division Amazon Business, which both supplies products directly to businesses and acts as a middleman through its marketplace service.  And it’s expected Amazon is also near to launch its own fashion label in the UK.


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