No ecommerce without logistics. Because whenever a consumer orders something online, that product has to be shipped from one place (a warehouse or fulfilment centre) to another (the consumer’s house, a pick-up point, et cetera). So logistics play a very important role in the whole ecommerce process. In order to achieve success in the online retail industry, one has to have a very solid logistics plan in place.

Zalando opens fulfillment center in Sweden


Zalando has opened a new fulfillment center in Sweden. In Brunna, near Stockholm, the online fashion player has opened a fulfillment center that’s approximately 30,000 square meters big and gives place to around 500 employees as well as 50 autonomous mobile robots. Continue reading

Lidl offers same-day delivery in Italy


Supermercato24, a same-day delivery service for online grocery, has announced a partnership with Lidl in Italy. Together, the two companies will allow Italian Lidl customers to order groceries from home and have them delivered at their doorstop on the same day, even within one hour. Continue reading

Printful to open new logistics center in Latvia


Printing and fulfillment service Printful will open a new fulfillment center in Riga, Latvia. The company has outgrown its current facility, which is located in the same city. The new site is currently under construction and is said to open in May. The new fulfillment center will open close to the company’s logistics partners and the Riga International Airport. Continue reading

PostNL courier now also accepts returns


Couriers from PostNL who deliver parcels to customers’ homes, will now also accept parcels that need to be returned to an online retailer. By offering this new service, PostNL hopes to the reduce the amount of trips to the supermarket or store, where most customers hand over their returns. Continue reading

DHL Express invests in new hub in Denmark


DHL Express will build a new logistics hub in Denmark, that will arise at Copenhagen Airport. If the hub becomes operational, which is planned to happen in 2023, the logistics services provider will be able to handle nearly 37,000 packages per hour, 24 hours a day. Continue reading opens pick-up points in Delhaize supermarkets

Dutch ecommerce company

Dutch online retailer is expanding its network of pick-up points in Belgium. The Ahold Delhaize-owned company will open locations in the supermarkets of Delhaize in Flanders. Consumers in Belgium already had the option to pick up their orders at the supermarkets of Albert Heijn. Continue reading

Correos sent over 106 million parcels in 2018


Correos, the national postal service of Spain, has distributed more than 106 million packages in 2018. This represents an increase of 61 percent compared to the total amount of packages it managed during the year before. Continue reading

12% of online purchases in Germany get returned

Online returns

One in eight online purchases in Germany is sent back to the online retailer. Currently, 12 percent of products ordered online won’t stay with the customer. Two years ago, this share was still at 10 percent. Continue reading

DHL to focus more on ecommerce in Turkey


DHL has plans to concentrate more on ecommerce in Turkey. The German logistics player considers Turkey as an important regional hub which could fuel growth in the Middle Eastern and European markets. DHL is setting up an operations center at Istanbul Airport as first step of this plan. Continue reading

Bpost tests in-home delivery in Belgium

In-home delivery

Bpost and Zalando have experimented with in-home delivery and in-home pickup in Belgium. The two companies wanted to know whether consumers are ready to let parcel couriers in their homes while they are away. The test was successful, but there are still many hurdles to overcome. Continue reading

Palletways starts network in Hungary

Palletways Italia

The Palletways Group, an express palletized freight network that distribute to 20 countries across Europe, has further expanded its network. Together with independent transport providers, Palletways will launch a new network in Hungary. Continue reading

The average shipping costs in Europe


Shipping costs are one of the most important factors for ecommerce businesses. If you’re an online retailer, it’s important to know how much sending a package will cost you. But the average cost of shipping is different in every country. The 2018 Shipping Price Index shows you what the most expensive countries are for shipping a package. Continue reading

AO wants to deliver other retailers’ furniture

AO World, a major UK online retailer specialized in electrical goods, is experimenting with delivering non-electrical products on behalf of third-party retailers. The company is focusing continuously on its third-party logistics business. Continue reading