B2B platform VonWood raises 2.7 million euros

B2B platform VonWood raises 2.7 million euros

Dutch startup VonWood, a trade platform for wood, has raised 2.7 million euros. The company aims to connect wood buyers and lumbers more directly online, while offering more product transparency. With the funds, VonWood wants to accelerate growth.

VonWood was founded in May 2022. The B2B marketplace currently offers over 50.000 types of wood and ships across Europe.

‘Hundreds of buyers’ joined so far

VonWood aims to get rid of intermediaries, which can cut costs. On the wood trading website, buyers can put in an order and compare different offers from connected timbers within 48 hours. The platform then takes care of shipping and administration. According to the startup, ‘hundreds of wood buyers’ have joined so far.

“The timber industry is fragmented.”

Product transparency

In addition, the B2B marketplace wants to offer more product transparency. “The timber industry is fragmented with little understanding of origin, quality and working conditions,” founder and CEO David de Jong says. Lumbers on the platform are either FCS or PEFC certified. And for every used tree, VonWood plants back two, the company’s website says.

Make-to-order vs make-to-stock

Sawmills can also get more insight into customer demand, according to VonWood, so they can make-to-order instead of make-to-stock. “By directly connecting supply and demand, we want to remove those risks.”



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